The Safeguarding Alliance is a centre of Safeguarding excellence with its head offices rooted in the City of London. 

The Safeguarding Alliance maintain that every child has the right to be protected and live free from harm and abuse.

The Safeguarding Alliance team has been instrumental in training professionals and volunteers working with children, young people and families in Safeguarding best practice for over 50 years.

It brings senior expertise and experience from relevant and related fields including Education, Social Services, Policing, Health, Mental Health, and the Legal Profession.

The Safeguarding Alliance provide a comprehensive membership, training and advisory service to enable and support excellent and consistent practice in Safeguarding. With offices around the world and a renowned international footprint it sets the benchmark for Standards in Safeguarding and the protection of children globally.

In addition to a comprehensive menu of online courses, The Safeguarding Alliance offer fully accredited face-to-face training enabling the transfer of knowledge required to keep children safe. 

Through assessment and evaluation of best Safeguarding practice The Safeguarding Alliance provide a benchmark accreditation to organisations wanting to demonstrate to their clients that keeping children safe is their highest priority.